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How To Measure For A New Door

Measuring your rough opening:
To measure a rough opening you will need to remove the trim (moldings) on one side. To find the width you should measure in three locations top, middle, and bottom. The narrowest point is your rough opening width. The height is measured from the bottom of the header to the subfloor or finished floor, depending on the surface that the unit will sit on top of.
Measure wall thickness
The depth of the wall. Measure existing jamb not including moldings.
  • Exterior: measure from sheetrock to exterior sheeting.
  • Interior: measure from Sheetrock to Sheetrock.

Determining Which Direction Your Door Will Swing

Frank Lumber, The Door Store™ determines the swing of your door as follows:

Stand so the door opens toward you

  • If the hinges are on the right we call that a right hinge.
  • If the hinges are on the left it’s a left hinge.

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